Hello and welcome to the Home Page of my site, stephensmithtrustee.com. Why is it called that? Well My name is Stephen Smith, but getting that as a website name isn’t so simple. I am the trustee of a couple of organisations and therefore added them together to make this site.

So What is the site about?

Well it is actually about one of my favourite games. I was going to write my own blog but then decided I would build a website around it.

The game is Hearthstone. It involves the same classes and characters as World of Warcraft. It is a card game created by Blizzard. the objective is to use minions and spells with the final result of destroying the enemies hero before he destroys yours.

Many strategies are used in the game and each different class/hero has different cards and strategies in order to complete the goal. Some classes specialise in the quick finish whereas other specialise in making the game as long as possible and outlasting the opponent.

There are 3 types of game in Hearthstone. Constructed, Arena and Tavern Brawl. Starting with the later, Tavern brawl is designed purely for random pieces of fun and has new rules every week. Constructed involved using your own cards to build decks in order to try and achieve a high rank each month. The Arena is a challenge whereby you get to pick 1 of 3 cards, 30 times. this builds the deck you will be playing with throughout the arena. The arena finishes when you either lose 3 matches or win 12.

Check out my other pages where I talk about the different classes within the game and how they can be used. I primarily speak about The Arena as it’s my favourite game type.