The Manitoulin Branding Association is a non-profit co-operative of Manitoulin Island producers and retailers promoting their locally-made products as well as the Manitoulin Island economy as a whole. The Manitoulin Branding Association includes a wide variety of products that reflect the island's diverse economy, from crafts, clothing and food to art and even construction materials.
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We have created this certification logo so people can clearly see that our products are made here on the island. Our consumer survey showed us that 85% people like to know that a product was made locally, and 80% find that this logo makes a product more appealing.

To become certified to join the Manitoulin Branding Association, the following criteria must be met:

1.  The product must be created on Manitoulin.

2.  The business must be located on Manitoulin.

3.  At least 50% of the workers used in production must be residents of Manitoulin.

4.  The production must meet all safety standards and labour regulations.

5.  The producer must have a primary residence on Manitoulin Island.


Benefits for producers of an original Manitoulin product:

•  Improve the marketability of your product,

•  More exposure for your product through mass marketing of the brand.

•  You will become part of a recognizable group of uniquely Manitoulin producers,

•  A brand will provide a competitive edge against knock-offs.

•  Better prices for your original products and a better return on your labour.

•  Sharing of travel and registration for trade fairs and off-island promotion.


Benefits for retailers who sell original Manitoulin products:

•  A sign advertising the fact that you are a retailer of genuine Manitoulin products,

•  Drawing more tourists into your place of business.

•  Cooperative advertising of the brand will promote locations where Manitoulin original products can be found.

•  A theme to make it easier to display local products bearing the Manitoulin brand.

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